Summer is quickly approaching, or is here I guess, but it never feels like summer to me until the kids are out of school.  So this is the last week of school!

I had to miss my sons kindergarten concert today, thanks to the note only coming home about it from the teacher on Friday, which did not give me sufficient time to make arrangements for work.  That really hurt as I have spent the year actively involved in the school, on parent council, volunteering in the classroom once a month and volunteering for the greater school community…yes I did my turn on yard duty twice this year.  So I was sad to have to miss an event at the school but I had to look at it realistically, I have been there, I have been involved, I can’t be supermom, so today is the tear in my cape!

So now I am looking forward to the summer.  This is going to be a summer of change for house!  So excited about that, we take possession in 4 weeks.  We have almost purchased all our new furniture.  Being that we have been living with my in laws the last 5 years, we have dwindled down to almost no furniture of our own.  The only furniture we currently own is bedroom furniture, so essentially everything on our mainfloor we have to purchase new.  At first that was really exciting, then as we delved into looking and starting purchasing, it has become both a daunting and expensive task.

I am really looking forward to enjoying the new backyard and the view of the forest from our new house.  Looking forward to some backyard BBQs and good times.  We don’t plan to move from this house, this is it our “forever” house, so I am looking forward to digging my heals in good and deep…Mostly looking forward to having my own kitchen!  It really should be considered criminal for 2 women to be expected to share a kitchen!

So what is on the agenda for your summer?  Please share!