It’s All In What They Name Their Teddy!

I found this post essentially completed but not published…so in an effor to catch up, hear you go!!!

It has been so long since I have posted!  I do have about 3 draft posts waiting for finishing, but there is just no time these days!

I have by accident fallen into a part time business of making cakes!  I love baking and decorating, took a cake course back a few months ago, then one person “ordered” a cake from me…next thing I know I am now booked until April of this year with cakes!!  In the last 2 weeks I have made 4 and a few more on the way!  Anyway that is my excuse for not posting.  And in a shameless bid for comments I am going to say since I rarely get any comments I figured why do I need to post for non-existant readers.

So I wanted to say something quick about the boys today.  They have such different personalities.  They are so unique and loving and special in their own way.

They received teddy bears from a Santa that visited our house for my annual kids Christmas Party.  Teddy got a little brown bear and Monkey got a little white bear.

Guess what they named their bears?  Teddy named his grumpy bear…honestly if there would be one character trait I would call my Teddy it would definitly be my little grumpy bear!  And monkey named his Wish A LOT bear…also super fitting, from my dreamer, my little planner, my little wish alot.  So cute!


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