Well I have not been blogging for awhile.  I still read blogs, but just haven’t bothered to update my own.

For awhile I had several draft posts all half completed and I kept coming back and starting a new draft and never getting anything done.

I think I figured I dont’ have much readership so the sense to continue is only for myself…why bother!  So if you read this please comment!

Well what have I been up to…raising my 3 monters, who are rather addicted to monsters at the moment!  They have found a Toronto based company which makes monsters and they are so in love with them.  This company is awesome!  They are so friendly and customer service based.  Every Thursday afternoon they have a facebook chat where one of their monsters takes and answers questions for an hour.  My boys LOVE it, even princess has gotten involved.  Monkey has been really working on his reading by reviewing the monsters names and stories and practicing how to sound them out etc.  On Monkeys birthday we made a request that his favourite monster be the monster of the week taking questions on Facebook.  Since they didn’t have high stock of that particular monster they instead did a private email chat with him!  I was amazed!  On Monkeys 5th birthday he wanted to go to their studio for the day, we did, he used his birthday money to buy himself 3 monsters.  Even Princess has a monster she falls asleep with nightly.  Guess what the Easter bunny brought to our house…yep Monsters!  They also have competitions to win new monsters, and the boys love it, it usually involves some type of monster related craft.  I am so impressed with this company. 

Aside from that I have been baking, and baking and baking!  My cakes are now in demand!!  I limit my orders for non-family to about 1 pr month because I really don’t have the time to dedicate to this.  For family though I make cakes anytime.  I promise my next blog post will be a cake post.  Would love to turn this into a baking blog, but I am just not that organized.

Oh and the biggest recent news of all…WE HAVE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!!!!!  I am so super excited.  Can’t wait to move, have freedom to just be our own family unit in our own home.

So over the next few weeks as I am busy packing to move, baking my cakes and raising my monkeys I am going to try and blog more often.  If for nothing else than a memory of all the crazy things my kids get up to that I really want to try and write down!


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