To Wean or Not to Wean?: That is the Question

The Princess is now 18 months old, technically 18.5, and we are still nursing.  I hadn’t really planned to nurse this long.  Actually to be honest I had no plan, it seems like longer than I had anticipated though.  Update,  I started this post awhile ago, yes this tends to be a theme with me.  Princess is now 20 mths and 1 week old.  Well in a second update and attempt to bring my blog up to date…Princess is actually 28 months old!  And there are two other posts below also completed and posted today!

It is funny we are at the akward stage where we are still nursing, but I don’t really talk about it with people.  We are down to nursing only at 5 am each day and before bed.  On rare occasions we still nurse at nap time or if she isn’t feeling well, crawls into my lap and says milk milk.  When she had her surgery last month I pretty much went back to nursing her on demand, I just felt so sad for her having to go through that.

I have nursed all three of my children.   Monkey nursed until 10.5 mths at which point I guess I was about 2 months pregnant with Teddy.  I supposed either the supply or the taste of the milk change due to the pregnancy hormones and Monkey self weaned. 

Teddy was a whole other story.  Born 3 weeks early he was “lazy” to nurse at birth.  Having already had one successfully breastfed child, who according to the nurses was “a long term breastfeeder”, I received no help or support at all in my breastfeeding, just a great you know what you are doing we can go back to our desk and surf facebook type attitude.  At 1 week old he had an eye infection that caused us to be referred to a paediatrician.  She insisted he was too jaundiced and needed 2 oz of formula after each nursing…so I listened.  HEAR ME NOW: BIGGEST MISTAKE I EVER MADE.  By 2 weeks old he was hospitalized for dehydration.  He was just hanging out on the breast but not acutally sucking.  I was so stressed after a week in hospital my milk supply was in the tankers, I was missing my older son at home and I just wanted out.  I left the hospital thinking I would get him back on the breast and feeding him pumped milk in the bottle.  With 2 kids under 2 I lasted pumping exactly 9 weeks and trust me it was a struggle to get even that far.  To you mothers out there who pump for long term, good for you, you are tough.  I didn’t have the time or the energy to do it.  When Teddy was 9 weeks I managed to get an appointment with the famous Dr. Jack Newman…some good that did me.  I know most people love him, and worship the ground he walks on.  Perhaps it was my stress, that I was already feeling low.  I found him to be arrogant and rude.  Sorry, being honest here.  Instead of feeling helped by that appointment I went home, stopped pumping and switched Teddy for formula, I felt defeated.  I felt like an idiot, I felt like the worst mother in the world.  It was the worst thing I ever did.  I felt so lost with Teddy, like we missed out on a bond we were owed.  I felt like everytime I fed him a bottle of formula every other mother in the room was looking at me with disgust.  It was an awful time for me.  I had a lot of guilt and shame.  If I could go back I would have started by not listening to the paeds doc, that was where it all went downhill.

The Princess came  along, I made a bold decision (for me, a relatively mainstream kind of person, with an EXTREMELY mainstream kind of husband).  I decided to have a midwife.  I knew that midwives were generally better versed at patient involvement and better with nursing.  I was firm with the midwife, I want to nurse, I dont’ want bottles mentioned and I want help.  This baby nursing is #1 priority for me.  Princess was born and she was amazing, no struggles no tough go, she got onto nursing and right away knew what she was doing.  Our first home visit with the midwife 2 days after she was born she gained 3 oz, our second visit at 4 days she gained 7 oz!!  WHOO HOO, we were golden.  And we continued on at that rate.  I had made the decision before she was born that I would not even consider weaning until she was 1 year old.

As we approached her first year I decided we had planned a big trip to India and Thailand, I didn’t want to have to worry about her fluids, possible infection etc on this trip so I would continue nursing.  Since I was returning to work the day after we returned home, I knew this may cause some problems.  Well it really didn’t.  We came home, I returned to work, and I continued nursing!  In the mornings, if she woke up at night, when I got home from work or at her mid-day nap time on the days I was home and in the evening at bedtime.  Eventually she finally started sleeping all night, so that nursing stopped.  Then she cut out the afternoon nurse, then the morning nurse.  I would say by they time she was 20 months we were down to one nurse a day, at bedtime.  Then at 26 months she just stopped asking, a week went by, no request for milk went by, then 3 weeks went by without a request and at 1 month after not asking she asked.  I explained to her it had been so long I had no milk left.   She cried a minute, not much not heartwrenching just a little pout basically and fell asleep.  I thought WOW, this was really the way to do it.  I know that some people felt I nursed her too long, I don’t care WHO does recommend 2 years AND beyond, but a lot of people don’t follow that or respect it.  I made my decision based on what was best for me and my child. Nursing was an important bond for us and a good thing for her, I did not want to take that away from her.  I can’t honestly say that I would or wouldn’t have forced her to wean, I don’t know.  What I do know is that weaning led by her was defiinitly what was easiest for both of us.

Just this week, some 2 months after not nursing she pointed to my breasts and said milk, then she lifted my shirt, looked and said no more milk, but its ok.  And laid down and went to sleep…what a little doll!  I love her to bits!


It’s All In What They Name Their Teddy!

I found this post essentially completed but not published…so in an effor to catch up, hear you go!!!

It has been so long since I have posted!  I do have about 3 draft posts waiting for finishing, but there is just no time these days!

I have by accident fallen into a part time business of making cakes!  I love baking and decorating, took a cake course back a few months ago, then one person “ordered” a cake from me…next thing I know I am now booked until April of this year with cakes!!  In the last 2 weeks I have made 4 and a few more on the way!  Anyway that is my excuse for not posting.  And in a shameless bid for comments I am going to say since I rarely get any comments I figured why do I need to post for non-existant readers.

So I wanted to say something quick about the boys today.  They have such different personalities.  They are so unique and loving and special in their own way.

They received teddy bears from a Santa that visited our house for my annual kids Christmas Party.  Teddy got a little brown bear and Monkey got a little white bear.

Guess what they named their bears?  Teddy named his grumpy bear…honestly if there would be one character trait I would call my Teddy it would definitly be my little grumpy bear!  And monkey named his Wish A LOT bear…also super fitting, from my dreamer, my little planner, my little wish alot.  So cute!


Well I have not been blogging for awhile.  I still read blogs, but just haven’t bothered to update my own.

For awhile I had several draft posts all half completed and I kept coming back and starting a new draft and never getting anything done.

I think I figured I dont’ have much readership so the sense to continue is only for myself…why bother!  So if you read this please comment!

Well what have I been up to…raising my 3 monters, who are rather addicted to monsters at the moment!  They have found a Toronto based company which makes monsters and they are so in love with them.  This company is awesome!  They are so friendly and customer service based.  Every Thursday afternoon they have a facebook chat where one of their monsters takes and answers questions for an hour.  My boys LOVE it, even princess has gotten involved.  Monkey has been really working on his reading by reviewing the monsters names and stories and practicing how to sound them out etc.  On Monkeys birthday we made a request that his favourite monster be the monster of the week taking questions on Facebook.  Since they didn’t have high stock of that particular monster they instead did a private email chat with him!  I was amazed!  On Monkeys 5th birthday he wanted to go to their studio for the day, we did, he used his birthday money to buy himself 3 monsters.  Even Princess has a monster she falls asleep with nightly.  Guess what the Easter bunny brought to our house…yep Monsters!  They also have competitions to win new monsters, and the boys love it, it usually involves some type of monster related craft.  I am so impressed with this company. 

Aside from that I have been baking, and baking and baking!  My cakes are now in demand!!  I limit my orders for non-family to about 1 pr month because I really don’t have the time to dedicate to this.  For family though I make cakes anytime.  I promise my next blog post will be a cake post.  Would love to turn this into a baking blog, but I am just not that organized.

Oh and the biggest recent news of all…WE HAVE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!!!!!  I am so super excited.  Can’t wait to move, have freedom to just be our own family unit in our own home.

So over the next few weeks as I am busy packing to move, baking my cakes and raising my monkeys I am going to try and blog more often.  If for nothing else than a memory of all the crazy things my kids get up to that I really want to try and write down!