Today is my 32nd birthday.  It has not been a great birthday weekend.  I am very ill.  I can’t remember this last time I was this sick.  It appears to be a strep throat in conjunction with a sinus infection.  I can’t breathe, or swallow or hold my head up due to my aching glands.  I spent all day yesterday in bed and most of today with the exception of a few minutes here and there.

All this time in bed has given me a lot of thinking time this weekend and I have thought, despite this current illness how lucky and blessed I truly am.

Just this year alone we have met some incredible milestones. 

 As a family of five we travelled for the first time and took on India and Thailand!  What an amazing trip.  My little Princess rang in her first birthday in India and my husband rang in his 33rd birthday in Thailand. 

Monkey turned 4 and started school!  He is bused to school, that was a lot of excitement for him and trauma for me.  He learned to write his name and read small words over the course of this year.

My little Teddy turned 3 and started preschool for the first time ever all by himself, without his brother and at a new school.  He has been going 3 days a week and thriving.  I am now confident he will do fine when he starts school (JK) next year.

My little Princess has grown from a baby into a little girl.  She has learned to walk, talk and has potty trained in the 9 short months since the birthday she celebrated in India!  She is bossy and beautiful and still our baby even though I cannot believe we are approaching her 2nd birthday.

So as I sit here and reflect on my wonderful family and feel grateful for everything I have I now think what next?  What do we conquer as a family in the next up coming year?  I am thinking Disney, JK for teddy and preschool for Princess.  Beyond that we will see where life takes us.


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