What a Week!

What a week.  The week started off ok.  I was taking my final cake decorating class.  It went well I was impressed with what I learned in such a short period of time.

Then it just went downhill from there.

I am making my nephews birthday cake…another crack at the 3D teddy bear.  His party is on Saturday.  So I had planned to bake the cake during naptime yesterday.  Well does Princess not decide to fall asleep on the way home from dance at 10:00 am…throwing a total wrench into my plans!  So I call my lovely grandma who comes to pick up the boys and give me a hand.  Well Teddy decides he only wants to be with Mama.  So off go Monkey and Grandma, get back in the house from doing up Monkey’s seatbelts and guess who wakes up!  Get Princess to the bathroom and the phone rings, it is grandma, her and Monkey have been in a car accident.

My heart was POUNDING.  My worst fear is that my kids will be hurt/injured when I have entrusted them to someone else’ s care.  She assures me they are both fine.  So Teddy, Princess and I go flying out the door to the scene of the accident, literally 2 minutes from our house.  Of course they were fine, Monkey was mr. I am so brave.  The boys wanted to hang around to see grandma’s car get towed.  Then we ended up helping to pick up the rental car, calming grandma down by sitting for lunch, picking up aunt to drive grandma home who even though she was in no state to drive insisted on getting a rental car.  Then had to take Monkey to clinic to get checked, also follow up for Princess and a check on Teddy who has been crying for seemingly no reason for the last 2 days.

Well turns out Monkey was totally fine, Teddy has a UTI and Princess needs an ultrasound.  Managed to get home around 7 pm when I had planned not to leave the house (other than dance class) for the entire day.

Was late baking the nephew’s cake, which I will now be up until likely 3 am decorating tonight.

I don’t remember at the moment what else has happened, but I assure you it has been an insane week in the household of Notes. 

Anyway let’s hope things settled down, pizza for dinner tonight, pray for an early bedtime and getting the cake done on time.

So what kind of crazy weeks make you feel like you want to rip out all your hair?


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