Our Weekend In Numbers


That was princess’ temp at the walk in clincic saturday morning.  Their response…give her tylenol since it had only been 4 hrs since she had advil watch her for an hour, tell us it is a virus and send us home.


That was her temp Saturday night when we walked into emerg with a shaking, vomitting child.  Their response, rush through, see the doc within 20 mins and be told, hmmm looks like a virus, go homw and ride it out.  give her pedialite etc etc so as not to get dehydrated.


That was her temp this morning when we walked into emerg and after waiting for 45 mins without even being triaged was told as long as she was breathing she had to wait her turn.  At which point, perhaps against better judgement I walked out and took her to a walk in clincic.  Where the nurse flipped having never taken a temp so high.  The doc gave her an immediate dose of antibiotics and diagnosed her with a kidney infection.

4 hours

How long my sweet little angel who had been struggling, limp and burning up for days took to start talking, laughing, walking and break the feaver that had plagued her for 5 days.  The walk in doctor said it was unacceptable she had been left untreated and he was able to get a copy of her lab results from the weekend so the previous treating docs had all the same info that he did.


The number of days before my family doc, who supposedly has daily appts for emergencies could see her.


How high my blood pressure felt due to the anger at the docs and stress of being terrified for my vomitting burning up child all weekend.

A happy halloween it unfortunately was not.


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