So we have all heard of pheromones.  Well apparently there have been lack of studies of the actual presence of pheromones and their affect on humans.   Well I have come up with my own informal study from watching my daughter.  They say there are different types of pheromones projected…alarm pheromones to watrn others of danger, trail pheromones, territorial pheromones, sex pheromones and information pheromones.

Well that is your official list, I have noticed that we has humans/parents must emit either freedom pheromones os, guilt pheromones or excitement pheromones.  I have been watching my little princess closely over the last few weeks.  Why is it she always knows when something is coming, it is like she can sencese what is going on without being told and it hit me at 2 am when she was crying in the bathroom that I think she is picking up pheromones.

Yes ok call this the crazy mind wanderings of a sleep deprived mother, but still once I explain the entire theory, I am sure you will find it to be a good one.

You see when I initially started writing this post, my in laws were about to go away for a few days.  My mother in law is a stress ball at the best of times, so I am sure you can imagine she was totally emitting phermones about going away, probably if I know her, stress, stress about leaving the kids, stress about the drive, stress about looking good where they were going, stress about not spending money on the drive so packing every possible drink and snack they may want to eat and probably a smidge of excitement about actually leaving the house for a change.

Well in the 3 days leading up to the trip the Princess was always crying for grandma, wanted grandma to get her drinks etc.

Also I notice I can’t do anything.  Doesn’t matter how good she is playing, if I go to leave for work, go out with a friend, run an errand sans monkey helpers she knows…the minute I attempt to leave, she is up no longer playing, no longer happy and crying for me…hmmm excitement, freedom phermones coming from me?

Don’t you ever notice how whenever you plan to do something, be somewhere the kids know?  Sometimes I feel like I dont’ even have to tell them I am going out, etc because they just sense it.  They are so in tune to what is going on with us…ok well either that or my kids have those eyes in the back of their head that Lilith on Fraser had!


The End of An Era

So Monkey has officially started school.  He is no longer a baby, he is an independant 4.5 yr old expected to get on the bus, get off, get himself to class, line up when the bell rings and learn all day.  I have been literally a basket case for days.  I just keep thinking of the sweet cuddly newborn who I held in my arms and adored the minute he was born.

I remember the first days with monkey, the stress of the early breastfeeding, the feeling of success when we finally found our groove.  How I used to love just letting him sleep on my chest and rocking him in our nursing chair.  Giving him his bath and just sitting combing his sweet little hair.

Then he started to grow and he was happy and sweet, a pure joy.  He adjusted well to being a big brother and loved his brother so much.  Then he started talking and telling stories and entertaining us with his memory, his insight and his wit (yes I think a child can have wit and believe me he does).  He was easy to potty train and just a total joy.  I have often looked at him and just felt love swell in me, my boy my sweet sweet boy.

When he started preschool I was nervous, but he did great and he had the most caring and relaxed teachers. 

JK was big because I would no longer be driving him, he would be going on the bus.  Also JK changes things, they make friends and build lives and have other adults being major influences in their lives.  I remember my teachers, I remember which ones made me dream and think about the future, the ones who literally shaped my life to be the way it is today.  And I also remember the one who was mean and made me afraid to go to school.  The one who told me I was stupid and her dog was smarter than I was.  I know teachers have influence on our lives, more than some of us would like to admit.

I know that now I have to trust him, trust that he can get off the bus, follow the other kids and go where he is supposed to when the bell rings.  I have to trust that he will make the right friends and the right choices and learn from the wrong ones.  I have to know that his heart will be broken and a piece of mine along with it everytime, but that he will find his groove and make it through.  I have to believe he will find his own dreams and follow them, I have to hope he will be a leader and not a follower.

It is the end of an era for me.  The end of the time where I am the most important and most influential person in his life.  Good luck Monkey, I love you.  You are going to be a successful little boy, I can see it already.!

And the Changes Begin!

So tomorrow Monkey starts school.  Well I don’t know how much you can call going in for an interview with his JK teacher starting school, but it will be his first experience associated with “real” school, so I am saying tomorrow he starts school.

Already I look at him and he looks older, more grown up.  One thing for sure over this summer he has had a growth spurt in height which has cleaned his formarly chubby cheeks out of the baby fat and he now looks like a boy not a toddler. 

He understands that with school comes responsibility, to behave on the bus and listen to his teacher at school.  He knows that he will be learning and experiencing things.  He knows that at the end of the day a recap of what he has learned will be gone over with me and he knows that it means him and his brother are on different levels for the next yr, his brother still at home with mama, and him off to the big boy school.  I know he will work on showing his brother everything his is learning at school.

He is a bit nervous about riding the school bus, as I am also nervous about it.  He is looking forward to making friends and meeting his teacher.

I note that he has started putting his plate in the dishwasher after eating, he is asking to be assigned chores and he is really relishing the big brother role at the moment.  He is eager to teach and explain things to his brother and sister and eager to be their helper.

He is a caring boy with a quick mind and a big heart.  I hope he does well with the other kids at school and that they are kind to him.  I hope he doesn’t pick up awful things from other kids, and that somwhere deep down inside he remains my baby for life.

I am going to be a bawling mess tomorrow and probably off and on over this crazy graduated entry into JK, why do they need to mess with our minds like this??  Good luck Monkey I love you!  And can’t wait to see where this new phase in life takes you.

You Can’t Handle The Truth: 14 thought provoking/interesting/funny things my kids picked up this week

Here it is, the list of 14 things my kids repeated this week, which made me laugh, cry or worry!

14- ash hole- that was princess, I just hope to god she was trying to say something else and it was coming out wrong.  It made me think of Meet the Fockers though and gave me a good laugh.

13- You Ostrich- Monkey as an insult to Teddy when they were arguing one day…I have been known to refer to my husband as and ostrich who likes to burry his head in the sand and avoid conflict…ooops!

12- You Peacock- Teddy in response to Monkey’s ostrich comment, which made me laugh, because I was impressed he was smart enough and on the ball enough to come back with another bird name for an insult…and that he picked peacock was just funny

11- Psycho- Princess again…somebody better watch this girl.  It was a direct repeat after me discribing something MIL had done which had annoyed me and I thought only a crazy person would do.  It was super cute the way she said it which made me laugh…but then it made me stop and think remember to watch what you say

10- BOOO YAHHHHH- Monkey when he was proud of himself for scoring baskets in a moving basketball net at at birthday party this week…seriously…BOO YAHHH, he is FOUR!

9- Mama, I love you because you do everything for me- That was Teddy and it made me cry because it was so sweet

8- Mama, don’t ever put carrots in my lunch again, I was teased for having carrots.  Monkey on the struggles he has had at camp this week.  Brought instant tears to my eyes, hate the idea of them being so vulnerable and me unable to protect them at school.

7- Mama what are condoms?  Excuse me while I CHOKE…note to self only cds in the car please, stupid trojan commercials…

6-We are getting a puppy, his name is going to be Koda- Monkey spilling the beans to the family on our private conspiracy to convince his dad we need a dog

5-I think we should name him Keenai, NO wait, lets get 2 doggies!!  Teddy adding in his thoughts to our now public conspiracy

4- I’m going to party all night and sleep all day- Monkey making his life plan announcement…luckily I know it is all repeat of the Black Eyed Peas song

3-BOOOTY CALL-  Teddy repeating what he remembers from a Black Eyed Peas song…me nearly choking again for a second until I realized where he had heard that/why he was saying that

2-‘S cacsackalac craks- Princess trying to say “It’s crackalackin” while watching Madagasgar with her brothers for the first time ever.

1- “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”- Monkey and Teddy heard this on the radio this morning in a call in to guess what movie the line was from.  They thought it was the most hillarious thing ever and screamed it at each other over and over agian the entire drive to camp.

Best Doughnuts Ever!

My little Teddy loves doughnuts.  If I had to say he had an addiction I would say it is to doughnuts.  I try not to let him have them as often as he wants, because that would be several times daily.  BUT I do let him have them.  Teddy is a super active boy who eats well, good at eating all his food grps and is extremely lean (11 lbs lighter than his brother was at three, but the same height).  So I figure maybe he needs the extra fat…I hope I am not allowing him to clog his ateries at such a young age.

Anyway on Saturday night I was out grocery shopping without kids….AHHHH peaceful AND RARE!  I know!  While checking out there was a Better Homes and Gardens magazine with a doughnut recipe…hmmmm, maybe if I actually made the doughnuts from scratch myself I would feel less guilt about indulging Teddy’s doughnut addiction.  So on a whim I bought the magazine.

Then I came home and read it to make sure it wasn’t too hard…it looked easy enough, simple incredients, not even any yeast the levening agent is baking powder.  On the whole not too bad…flour, milk, eggs, butter, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg (I didn’t have any so I used all spice).  That was it! 

So for our special day on Tuesday while Monkey was away at camp prepping for going to school next week, we made doughnuts.  We went to friend’s house on Tuesday night and the doughnuts were a hit…so now I have a new recipe!  I forgot to bring the recipe with me to the computer, so I will post the recipe in the comments tomorrow…but here are some pics of the process.

Mesquite Chicken on the BBQ

Well I did it.  For years I have wanted to try smoking a turkey on the BBQ.  Ok well I supposed techinically I didn’t do what I wanted to because I smoked 2 chickens, broccoli, carrots and potatos. 

I google a recipe and found one for mesquite chicken.  I didn’t follow the recipe exactly.  What I did instead was goole where to buy mesquite wood chips in canda…home depot, who knew?  Anyway then I made up my own seasoning for 2 free range chickens purchased at the farmers market.  I stuffed a whole onion inside each of the chickens and rubbed them inside and out with salt, pepper, garlic and italian season.  That is the closet to a recipe I could give you since I just followed the intructions on the one I found, not the actual measurement.s

For the wood chips I soaked 3 cups of wood chips in water, then placed them over aluminum foil.  On top of the wet chips I put 1.5 cups of dry chips.  I then poked several holes on ea side of the packet.  Placed it on the BBQ

The instructions I found said to roast the chicken for 3.5 hrs over indirect heat at 325 degrees.  I had a hard time keeping the BBQ at 325 it was either at 275 or 400 for some reason just could not work out that middle ground.  The recipe also said to do this for 3.4 hrs putting on the potatos 45 mins before chicken to be completed, broccoli at 30 mins and carrots at 40.   What I actually did was put the potatos 1 hr before, the carrots 45 mins and the broccoli 20 mins.  I roasted the carrots whole with some butter spread on top, cut the broccoli and also put butter on top.  Did nothing to the red potatos just left them whole and baked them. 

The end result was pretty good and had an interesting flavour and amazing smell.  What I will change next time is the roasting time.  I wouldn’t stick to the 3.5 hrs but to when I think it looks done.  So guess what kind of turkey we will be having for Thanksgiving this year! 

As background I have to all I have been thinking about trying this for several years because awhile back I was visiting relatives in the US and attended a BBQ with them.  We were served BBQ mesquite smoked turkey and it was the best I had ever had.  It took me all this time to get up the courage to try it myself!