3 Years Old!!!

My litte Teddy is 3 years old!  I find it hard to believe.  Sometimes I feel like he has been around forever, other times I think I don’t know where the time has gone. 

Three years ago I woke up at 5 am not feeling very well.  Called in sick to work at 6:30 and had my first contraction during that phone call.  We finally decided to head to the hospital around 8 am.  Arrived there around 8:15 and Teddy was born at 8:39!!  Yes that is right, he entered this world 3 weeks early at a arun and has not stop running since.

Teddy is the sweetest little boy.  He has his own definite temperment though.  He has more energy than 5 boys all rolled into one.  Teddy never stops moving, never stops eating and never stops being a sweetheart.  I call him my Teddy because he has always loved to just climb in my lap and cuddle up so tight.  He truly is the best cuddler, hence he is my Teddy Bear.  He loves his sister so much and can’t stop himself from kissing and hugging her at the most random moments.  He loves his brother so much that he gives everything of his to his brother.  I notice that Teddy is always thinking of others.  I call him two things, I say he is a lover and a hater, because he is so generous and so loving, but when he is mad…LOOK OUT!  I also call him “his own man”, he only does what he wants to and if he doesn’t want to do something there is absolutely no convincing him.

He is a very smart little boy, he learns so fast and so easily.  He talked early, crawled early, walked early, there has just never been any stopping this boy.  The last 3 years have been a whirlwind.  I am proud of the way that already at his young age he recognizes his temper and knows how to cool himself down.  I love that he is always thinking of others before himself.  I love his funny little accent and special way that he says things.  Even more I love his new way of talking with his right hand raised and bent over for emphasis, so cute.

I look at him and think I can’t wait to see where the future takes him.  I think he will be the one who needs the finer things in life, whereas his brother will be the one that back packs the world.  I am sure he will be a trouble maker in school, but I am hopfeul that his grades will make up for his mischief!  I expect to be a regular in for discussions with the teacher.

I love you my sweet little Teddy and I hope you enjoy your birthday and your party.


All About Me

I have been thinking lately on how to attract more readers to my blog.  As I said in my last post I have been trying to write a few posts, but keep getting distracted by life.  Anyway I have had a post in mind to give readers some insight into me and who I am.  In my quest to attract more traffic to my blog, I have been spending hrs reading other blogs, trying to leave comments and hoping that the nosey people wonder on over to check me out!

The other day I was thinking that maybe outlining some stuff about myself would conjure up some comments from my readers.  I was thinking about redoing the 25 Things that went around on Facebook awhile back.  Then this morning I came across 2 blogs listing 100 things and I thought ok, since this seems to be over taking the blog world now perhaps I will try it, so here goes 100 things about me:

1. I am a control freak

2. I have a hero complex, I think it goes along with being a control freak

3. I am a loner, most people mistake that for being a bitch or a snob.  They are wrong, I just like silence and I am quite happy doing stuff by myself.

4. I have 3 children, are 3 of them are amazinly gorgeous and I love them more than anything.

5. I like to drive fast

6. My dream car is a red porsche 911

7. I haven’t eaten red meat, pork or fish in 17 years. 

8. I started eating chicken/turkey again 6 years ago after not eating it for 11 years, I suddenly decided I missed it

9. I have always felt my true voccational calling is to be a teacher, one day I plan to pursue it.

10. I love to read historical fiction

11. I have travelled to India, that still shocks me yet I have been twice!  The first time we went when the plane touched down I looked at my husband and said I honestly never even thought I would ever travel to India.  The second time I thought I can’t believe I am back in India again.

12. I love to travel

13. I like the idea of going to the beach, but after 10 mins at the beach I am always incredibly bored.

14. I love handbags

15. One of my favourite meals is Kraft Dinner, I know it is insane

16. If ever stranded on a dessert island I could survive if I had peanut butter, kraft dinner and pizza

17. One of my biggest fears around my kids was that they would have nut allergies (see above re love of peanut butter)

18.  I have a high pain tolerance

19. I had three completely natural child births

20. I love romantic comedies

21. I hate movies with realistic endings, if I wanted reality I would watch the news.

22. My favourite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing

23. My favourite music group/band is Bon Jovi

24. My favourite colour is blue

25. I can read ancient Greek, after 4 years of learning it in university

26. I am addicted to the internet, even though I am barely computer literate

27. I miss my dad every day, in 2 weeks he will have been passed away for 3 years, I still get teary when I think of him, I still can’t look at a picture of him without crying

28. Teddy (my youngest son) is the spitting image of my dad, he breaks my heart everytime he smiles at me.

29. I dont’ drink alcohol, it has been 8 years since I have even tried a sip

30. I have never smoked a ciggarette

31. I google everything

32. I love to do research, give me a topic I will go through it until I exhaust it.

33. I love to plan parties, maybe my true voccation is party coordinator not teacher!

34. I often appear organzied, but I really am not

35. I am extremely detail oriented, hence why I often appear organized I guess

36. I feel guilt about almost everything

37. I am the daughter of a mother born Catholic and a father born Jewish, raised as an agnostic, currently raising my children as Sikhs…wrap your head around that!

38. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  I have not spokend to 1 of my brothers or my 2 sisters since I was 12, I doubt we would recognize each other on the street, they were born to my dad’s first marriage.

39.  I have always been angry at my father for not teaching us to speak Icelandic, it is a wrong not to pass your mother tongue onto your children.

40.  One day, I will spend 6 mths in Iceland, until I learn the language.  That is one of my biggest goals.

41. I miss my gramps, he was the funniest man I have met.   Christmas will never be the same without him

42. I can’t eat bananas and tomoatos because I have texture issues with food.

43.  I hate camping

44. I have always wanted to go sky diving, but never found anybody mad enough to go with me.

45. I am a procrastinator, I wont’ do something until I absolutely have to

46. I love photography

47. I took 1 year of photography at college post university grad, it made my love of photography feel like work.

48. I hate talking on the phone

49. If you email me I will respond right away

50. If you leave me a voicemail I will delay calling back as long as possible

51. I can’t swim

52. Chocolate is therapy

53. I have never bought anything on ebay

54. If my husband came home from work and said he had decided to take a job in a foreign country, I would kiss him and immediately start packing

55. I am Icelandic

56. I can pronounce Eyjafjallaj0kul, I dare you to try!

57. My favourite Icelandic food is skyr, it is like a thicke creamy yogurt, but naturally exceptionally low in fat with out the additive of nasty chemicals like we do here in North America

58. One of my favourite things to do in Iceland is hang out at the City pools, just soaking up the life of Icelanders.

59. I hate to cook, especially for other people.  Sort of a problem in a family of 5

60. I love to bake

61. Baking used to be stress relief for me, now that the kids like to help it has become stress making

62. I love to read

63. I am a terrible speller, thank god for spellcheck.

64.  Even though it is neccessary in my life, I hate driving a mini van

65. I email the same 3 people everyday, 1 of them several times a day

66. I strongly believe in choosing my battles, somethings just aren’t worth it.

67. I have zero patience

68. I am clearly boring as already I am running out of interesting things about me

69. I started this blog to vent my frustrations

70. I realized quickly that I have few frustrations and if I allowed them to take over the blog it would be boring

71. I really am not all that computer saavy

72. I would like my next trip to be to Greece

73. I would be happy if the only trip I took every year was to Thailand

74. I would be even happier if I only did 2 trips per year, one to Thailand and one to Iceland

75.  My favourite movis is Dirty Dancing

76. My favourite song is “Someday I’ll be Saturday Night” by Bon Jovi

77. I am the absolute worst person to have around in a crisis situation

78.  Three times in my life I have been involved in situations where I should have called 911, in a moment of panic the thought never occurred to me during any of the three times.  One I was babysitting and somebody broke into the home, My brother once fainted while driving on the expressway and I was in the passenger seat, When Monkey was about 9 mths old my husband was out of town and somebody vandalized our house, throwing rocks at the windows and doors, kicking in the side of one of our cars.

79. When I talk my face goes red, people think it is funny, most don’t understand it actually hurts.

80. I hate being late

81. I am very reliable, if I say I will do something I will

82. I like to celebrate my kids birthdays for a week

83.  I am a perfectionist

84. I often find too much fault in myself

85. My favourite colour is blue

86. My favourite ice cream is mint chocolate chip

87. I could not survive a carb free diet

88. I try and do a lot with my kids, I think they learn by seeing things

89.  I really don’t care what people think, I don’t understand people who are always so worrieb about what others think

90.  What makes me most nervous about Monkey starting school is him riding the bus. 

91. I always lived within walking distance of my elementary schools, although I literally remember one being a 30 minute bike ride.

92. I love to sleep in, I miss the days when I had to set my alarm clock to be up at noon

93.  I hated turning 25, but didn’t mind 30 at all, I want to climb Kilimanjaro to ring in 40

94. Initially I refused to join facebook, I got sucked in and now check it more than once daily

95. I feel sad when I think Princess is my last baby

96. Having a midwife for my third child was my best decision ever, I wish I had gone with my heart from baby #1

97. I miss the close relationship I used to have with my mom, it is odd how that changed

98. I always regret leaving my cousin at home when Monkey was born, I wish I had let her come and share that moment with us

99. I am happiest when I am busy and have more things on my plate than it seems possible to juggle.

100. Let’s get naked and watch Scarface. It makes me laugh everytime!

Now come on, at least share with me 5 things I can’t possibly know about you…if you are still reading and haven’t fallen asleep that is!

Fourteen Things I have Googled this Week

I am busy planning a birthday party at the moment.  A birthday party for a three yearold obsessed with Buzz Lightyear!  So in my ever usual quest to be the superstar mama I have been on a mission to give him the best backyard Buzz Lightyear party ever.  In my quest to do so I have turned to my good friend Google for ideas on party games, treats etc.

So here is my list of how I have spent my internet downtime this week;

1) Buzz Lightyear Adult costume rental- in hopes I can talk my brother into dressing up and playing Buzz for the kids

2) Woody Adult cotume- Just don’t even go there!  I didn’t have much luck with Buzz so thought I would try for Woody

3) Toy Story Cookie cutters- Can you believe that Disney who monopolizes on every money making opportunity has not come out with Toy Story cookie cutters….come on my friends at Williams’ Sonoma you are doing me a dis-service here.

4) Toy Story Party Games- and now I am trying to make bean bag aliens and Buzz lightyear foot prints for alien toss games and scavenger hunt games.  Why do I try and fit so much into 3 short hours

5) Movie projector rentals- because I want to set up a movie theatre type area for the kids to sit down and watch the movies, again because I have to overload every party with as many ideas as I can think of.

6) Disney Family food recipes- Because I was still looking for those elusive Toy Story cookie cutters…seriously people gold mine here make the damn cookie cutters already.

7) Cottage rental- because after this party I need a break!

8) Chinese Terracotta Warriors- Because I want to take the kids to see them at the ROM and first I need all the info I can possibly find out about them and all the pics too so that we arrive at the ROM built up with knowledge and excitment

9) Buzz Lightyear cakes- I have already ordered a cool cake, which I contemplated making myself but between work, family life and getting all the other party plans together just don’t have the time.  I still need to make sure there is no cooler cake out there that I could come up with for Teddy.

10) Distance from Atlanta to Disney.  We are planning a trip to Atlanta in the fall, I was wondering if we would be able to sneak in a few days at Disney as part of the deal.

11) Children’s movies released in theatres for Oct 2010, in an attempt to help a friend get a head start on planning her daughter’s birthday party.

12) Cars 2, the sequel to the first movie, which my boys will be so happy to see in theatres

13) Labels for school items, only 3 weeks left until monkey starts school

14) Tupperware, because before going to the party I wanted to know if there was anything I might actually be interested in buying

So what do you google?  What helps you pass the time on the net when you really know you should be doing more important things!?


I haven’t written anything in awhile.  Actually in all honesty I haven’t even logged into my blog in a week.

I currently have 3 posts half written and sitting as drafts, I would like to get to them…hopefully by the end of this week, but we will see.

So what has happened to me?  Life, summer, preparing for a 3 year old birthday party!  The list goes on.  It is amazing how busy we get at this time of year.  There is always a play date to run to, a BBQ to plan, a wedding the list just never seems to end.  Lately for me there has been something very new…ME TIME!!  Yep that is right I have decided to insitute me time.

When I first became a parent, I didn’t want me time.  I didn’t need it.  I loved being with my family and I didn’t want to get away.  On the few occassions I did get away I either a) didn’t enjoy myself at all for thinking about my son and what was going on at home or b) totally paid for it the next day with me being tired and not having enough patience/energy for the kids.

Well now the boys are older and the Princess has always been pretty easy.  So now I am ready to have me time again.  In the last week I have been out to a movie and tonight to a tupperware party!  I enjoyed the movie and stopped myself from falling for the sell at tupperware, so all is good.

Anyway just wondering what has everyone else been up to in order to keep busy over the summer?  Would love to hear from my readers!!


For the last 2.5 weeks we have been struggling with sickness in our house.  First it was me.  For a few weeks I didn’t feel myself, dizzy spells, extra tired etc.  Then it was monkey.  When he started I decided it was time to get us checked out.

Our family doctor is in one of those network practices.  The “rules” are you must first try to call for a same day appointment if you feel it is “urgent”, if you cannot get a same day appointment you may go to the after hours clinic held by one of the 6 doctors in the practice or you may go to emerg, but you cannot go to a standard walk in or urgent care clinic for fear of being “fired” as a patient.  The reasoning behind these network practices is these doctors have a contract with OHIP and are paid a salary, rather than paid by appointment (or at least this is  my understanding, feel free to correct me if I am wrong).  So if one of their patients attends a walk in/urgent care OHIP “penalizes” the doctors salary.

In the 4.5 years that we have been involved in this type of practice it has worked fairly well.  I love my doctor and her receptionist and they are fairly good at fitting us in when we need to.  Sometimes I think it is because as a family of 5 we are RARELY ever in there, except for the kids regular check ups, other times I think it is because they really just think my kids are too cute!

So when monkey was sick it was late afternoon by the time I thought ok I don’t want to watch him suffer anymore.  I knew we wouldn’t get an appointment so we just arrived at clinic.  For once we were lucky enough that our family doc was the one on call.  There are a few in the practice that I really don’t like, as demonstrated by Monkey when he said to her “Oh thank god it is you today, the other doctors aren’t as smart as you, you are my favourite doctor!”

Anyway turns out I had a middle ear infection as well as a throat infection and Monkey had strep throat.  OY, not good.  Anyway I was glad we had gone.  As an aside I was once told by the nephrologist that an untreated strep throat could be the cause of later kidney failure.

Monkey seemed better within an hour of getting his meds.  It took me a good week and I was still having problems.  Anyway we had a week free of sickness.  I was thinking hooray we didn’t pass it on, no being sick for a month…too soon I guess.   Yesterday Princess was such a suck, I couldn’t even make dinner without having to hold her.  4 am she wakes with a raging feaver.  6 am she wakes again still with feaver and so tired but trying not to sleep anymore.  She threw up a couple of times and finally I got her back to sleep.  While she was throwing up I made the decision to stay home from work, but then once she fell asleep I decided to head in.  I dont’ know, I only work a few days a week I feel so guilty taking time off.  I also sometimes think I have already taken the knock to my careert etc by going down to working a few days a week, I have taken the loss on earnings, seniority etc etc why is it always me who has to stay home.  Anyway I came in, with plans to leave if she isn’t well. 

Why is it that I feel so much guilt about either decision, guilty for staying home, guilty for coming in?

Which Speaks Louder, Actions or Words?

We had a family event today, a ladies only family event.  I had been looking forward to it all week.  It has been a long time since I was at any type of event like this totally free of kids.  I usually end up taking the youngest or the one who is crying the most when I leave for me to stay home.  Well today Princess was napping and Monkey and Teddy both cried when I left, but I knew they wouldn’t have fun going with me.  What is the fun being the only kid in the room, no toys, no fun and just sitting there watching ladies talk.

Anyway I attened the event sans mes infants and with my MIL and both SILs.  It was an event for their side of the family.  So the upset started when somebody asked the hostess of the event how she knew me because apparently I looked familiar to her.  As an aside, I don’t forget faces, I had never seen this woman before in my life…but that is neither here nor there really.  So before anyone has a chance to say anything my SIL pipes up and says “oh she is our brother’s baby mama”.  Ok now let’s have the whole room swing their attention over to me.  I felt about 3 inches small.  I don’t know why, even when I came home and told my husband he said “did you say no, I am his wife”  Which I was actually too stunned to say.

As an aside to a smaller group of people she then said “well I guess if you are married you can’t be called that, but we all know how things went down”  Whatever, again I should have defended myself, or at least spoken up for myself, but I didn’t.  So this behaviour continued.  Through out the entire event at any chance she was give it would be yep that is my brother’s baby mama.  I just felt as though she was continually trying to insult me.

At one point our gracious host tried to put an end to what was becoming my SILs rather loud and obnoxious over repeating of a not so funny, but highly insulting joke.  When my SIL said to her “By the end of the afternoon I will have everybody knowing her as my brother’s baby mama”, the hostess was nice enough to say “And I have been making sure everybody knows her as a mom of 3 kids under 5 who are all really good kids”.  It didn’t work, but it was sweet of her to try and make SIL feel like the classless ass that she was behaving as.

So as I sat there, feeling totally uncomfortable and planning how when I saw my husband the first words out of my mouth would be to tell him how little class his siter has.  I sat there, took the abuse and said nothing.  I sat there feeling about 2 inches tall and totally insulted.  I sat there feeling like she was constantly trying to insult me to people and did nothing.  So was it my actions of taking this insulting crap from her that give her the impression that she can treat me however she wants?  I constantly try and avoid fights with my in laws, I don’t speak up for myself and I take a hell of a lot of crap from them, so have I shown them that treating poorly is ok?  These hurtful mean words, trying to make strangers think less of me or put a wrong image about me into peoples heads, is this how my in laws feel about me?  Do they think it is ok to make a public joke of their brother’s wife in front of strangers?  In all this though I question myself most, why did I let her make me feel so horrible and try to publicly make a fool of me and not say anything?  I try and tell myself it is because she was actually making a public ass of herself, but I think it just shows that clearly where my in laws are concerned on both their parts and mine I have become nothing but a doormat.