And So It Begins…

As of yesterday we are into wedding madness.  In some ways I guess I am actually glad.  It will be a relief to get through the week and have this beast removed from our backs.  We now have guests staying with us and probably will have a varying number of guests for the next 2 weeks.  I think I can deal with it, it may drive me crazy by the end but so far the people staying have been respectful of the kids schedules etc.

I guess I need to be realistic in acknowledging that there is drama with all weddings.  I just don’t get the way that my in laws get so totally stressed out, how can you enjoy anything when you are moments from a nervous breakdown the entire time.  I think the biggest thing people forget about weddings is a) nobody but you knows what you planned, so if it doesn’t go as planned no matter and b) nobody remembers anything except the food, so spend all your time and interest on that and you got a winner.

The biggest thing that makes me nervous about this week is the kids.  I just want them to enjoy themselves, have fun and not have any meltdowns!  Fingers crossed the week goes well.


Toy Story

I took my boys to see Toy Story this week.  We have been waiting for this movie for awhile as the franchise (lets be honest Disney really has made a franchise out of this movie) is one of their favs.  They were so excited, all day the asked me what time the theatre opened.  I made sure they had nap so they would be good and fresh and not too tired for the evening movie.

Sadly I have to say I don’t think the movie lived up to the hype.  A lot of off the cuff adult jokes, which my kids actually get, so I am sure many others do as well.  And SCARY.  Seriously don’t read further if you don’t want a spoiler….BUT the scene with all the toys joining hands to go into the incinerator together?  That was just too much Disney.  My son was terrified, asked me to cover his eyes and kept saying “they are going to be alright, aren’t they mama”  “please mama say nothing will happen to them”.  It was too much.

I think I should add here that I felt bored for most of the movie, it was not that interesting to me.  A few months ago we saw How to Train Your Dragon, and while it had some scary moments, it wasn’t the heartbreaking scary of Toy Story…yes I think hurting the toys is heartbreaking and so more scary for the kids.  Anyway Train Your Dragon was a great movie, I really enjoyed it and so did my boys.  So after that Toy Story felt like a let down.  Also in all honesty Dreamworks totally nailed the 3D animation…Disney/Pixar meh not so much.  The 3D just didn’t seem of the right quality and honestly most of the movie I was questioning if it even actually was 3D…dreamworks totally the winner on that front as far as I am concerned.

So we left the theatre, kids tired despite the afternoon nap, me feeling bored and not even wondering when the movie would be released on DVD (Left Dragon and googled the DVD release date immediately).  I totally felt disappointed and I was worried my son was scared.

Fast forward to the next morning and my boys are doing nothing but asking me if the theatre is open and when the movie comes out on DVD okay okay and to be honest if there is no DVD out yet why can’t I download it to my computer! 

So way to go Disney/Pixar, you produced a mediocre movie, but using the unstoppable duo of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, you have succeeded at adding to your billion dollar Toy Story franchise.  Secretly I hope Dreamworks continues to kick your butt on it’s next few releases because you need to up your game John Lasseter!.

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there.  Today I really miss my dad and my grandpa.  I miss my dad most on my birthday, his birthday and Fathers’ Day.  I can’t believe this summer will be 3 years since he suddenly left this world.  This year will be 2 years since my grandpa passed away, but it feels like longer for him.  I miss him most on Fathers day, his birthday and Christmas.  My grandpa loved Christmas, Christmas without him feels empty. 

When I was growing up holidays were special.  Now I don’t know they seem to have lost their luster.  What did we do today?  My boys spent the day with my brother, he picked them up around 11 am brought them home around 6 pm.  My husband was totally fine with this.  My husband spent the day cleaning the cars and then the BBQ, doing work on his laptop.  He declined my offer to take him to lunch and picked ribs and sausage for dinner.  My father in law went out by himself for the entire day, he still is not home yet and has been gone now over 12 hrs.

In my family we always made a big deal about holidays/birthdays.  We would go out and have fun (like my brother did today with my boys), we never cooked or ate at home, we bought extravaggant presents.  Now on holidays I generally clean, maybe convince my husband one meal out, that is it, nothing fun or exciting, holidays around here are just another day.

I don’t want my kids to be like that.  So I make a big deal of their birthdays, I will generally celebrate them for a few days and do a bunch of different stuff with them.  I want them to have the experience of enjoying holidays the way I did when I was growing up.

Oh well I guess on the whole it wasn’t a bad weekend, just a little boring and didn’t feel special.  I hope my husband enjoyed his Father’s day and that my father in law is off enjoying his, whatever he is doing.  I hope my kids remember always that holidays are family events not lonely events.  I wish my dad was here today and I could hear him sing, I am starting to forget what his voice sounded like.

Friday’s Fifteen: Fifteen Things I would like to say if I didn’t have a filter!

My friend Urban Daddy, over at does a post every Thursday (or most Thursdays) called Thursday Thirteen.  I have been thinking about those posts a lot this week in the things I have checked myself from saying to people this week and since I didn’t have time yesterday and to not totally steal Urban Daddy’s thunder today I am going to post 15 things I would have said to those around me this week if I didn’t have a filter!

– To my SIL, a wedding should be about how much you love each other not about how much money you can spend to make sure you have the “best” of everything on the day

-To my SIL, if you are ever angry and take it out on my kids again, I will tear a strip off you and then some

-To my SIL, you are a spoiled little princess, this wedding is out of control and you need to grow up.  Stop acting like Bridezilla have some respect for your parents who are helping give you a wedding worthy of Oprah and grow up.

-To my SIL, all the special touches and dazzle in this world around your wedding won’t add what is missing from your relationship

-To my MIL, stop pretending you don’t know what is going on and be honest and up front for once in your life instead of manipulative and underhanded.

-To my MIL, only a crazy person unloads half the dishwasher every other day to make sure that it only gets run once per week.

-To my MIL, leave the damn dishes in the damn dishwasher because when you wash them by hand you don’t use soap or hot water and that is quite frankly disgusting. 

-To my FIL, I feel for you, I dont’ know how you have survived MIL on a daily basis for the last 35 years without going completely and totally insane. I think you may be up for sainthood.

-To the young pre-teen on our street who swears in front of my children and tries to hurt them when the other older boys are kind enough to spend a few minutes playing with them on occasion, you spoiled little  punk your behaviour is uncalled for, unacceptable and rude.  Why don’t you use your blackberry to google a thesaurus and figure out some appropriate words to use that would make you appear intelligent instead of the garbage you continually spew out of your mouth.  Oh and the next time you slap shot a ball into my son’s chest on purpose because him standing on his own driveway idolizing you pisses you off, excuse me if I feel the need to repay the favour.

-To the parents of said  punk, when you buy an 11 year old a blackberry and designer clothes among other things you are setting yourself up for nothing but problems as he becomes a teenager AND where is he learning this language, because if it is at school then I may seriously consider homeschooling my kids.

-To my husband, are you kidding me? you are going away on business next week? I should force you to take me with you otherwise run the risk of coming home to a wife who has gone insane being left alone with your relatives for in the pre-wedding madness.  Thanks A lot.

-To the woman on the street in front of me today wearing a miniskirt and halter top, which were both too tight and looked completely awful.  Stop listening to your friend who is only trying to be nice and telling you that you look good, you are questioning yourself because let’s be honest you looked in the window, saw your reflection and wondered what the hell possessed you to leave the house dressed this way.

-To the friend of the scantily clad miniskirt woman, what kind of friend are you?  Why are you saying you love the outfit and dont’ worry you look great, when you aren’t dressed that way so clearly I think you are lying.

-To my husband, my brother is doing us a favour this week that means it will be on his time and convenience not ours and I seriously don’t see a problem with that.

-To the preschool mom who keeps calling me asking me to drop her daughter’s artwork which got mixed in with my son’s off at the school…I said I would call you when I did it, I will do it by the end of this week and like I said I will call as I am walking out of the school so you know it is there…if you wanted it so badly why didn’t you offer to come to my house and pick it up from me?

I am not a nice person this week.  See what stress does to a person?  Thank god I do have a filter!  What horrible things  do you have to stop yourself from saying to people?

Cinderdella Doesn’t Need A Thank-You

Ever feel like Cinderella?  Often as a parent I do.  I feel like I spend most of my days and nights cleaning up messes that aren’t mine, putting away, folding and washing more laundry than I could wear in a life time and sweeping up mess after mess of the floor.

Then there are weekends like this one, where in preparation for the Wedding of the Century (see previous posts), I spend extra time trying to ge the house in tip top shape.

Yesterday was steam cleaning the family room, today steam cleaning the entire upstairs.  This on top of soccer, completing the assembly of the boys new book shelves, groceries, laundry and standard weekly house cleaning.  Everywhere is looking pretty good, I must admit.  After two weeks spent organizing the basement, now the freshly steamed carpets.  This week I will tackle the linen closet from hell (the one in which my MIL insists on keeping 30 yr old blankets, pillows and sheets which nobody uses nor ever will ues)  I have a solution…vacuum seal bags!  Yep bought a whole bunch of them, going to load all the crap in, seal them up, free up room in the linen closet so I can find a bloody towel when I need one!

So what is the problem here…house is clean and getting all that extra cleaning done in the corners and behind all the furniture etc, well the problem is not one person says thank-you, or wow the carpets look good, thanks for the extra effort.  Nope it is expected, taken for granted and assumed that among all her other regular duties Cinderella will find time to do all the extra jobs as well and no thanks required.

Just a little frustrated and miserable.  Sometimes it feels like I do so much and get no appreciation, then other times I think reality check, that is just how it is for most parents, contantly busy always doing things for others but never getting any positive feedback.

Picture Attempt #2

I Did It!!

I did it!  So my previous post detailed my attempt at making a Build-A-Bear graduation teddy cake for preschool graduation this week AND I did it!!!

I was up until 1 am working on it, but I think the final result is great and I am so happy with it. 

As promised here is a picture of the completed cake.  I also made a fondant graduation scroll, which I painted all the kids in the classes name as well as the teachers names with pearl dust on…it looked great but I am not including that picture, to protect the privacy of the kids and teachers.

Build-A-Bear Graduation Teddy

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